spread your smile: challenge 2

Yay!! Time for challenge 2. I know you’ve all been looking forward to it. And this one should be really great!

Today’s challenge is titled Positively Postcards (I’m sure by now you can tell I’m a big fan of alliteration). Any who, the concept is simple: you buy a postcard (or a few), write an inspirational quote on it, attach a small gift to the postcard (maybe a candy cane, a dollar, a drawing, a flower, be creative!), and then send it off into the world. You can hide it for someone to find at the library or pick a random address on Google Earth. The point of the project is to have fun and bring a smile to someone, somewhere, on any part of the planet.

There is one requirement, though, you must write this on the postcard:

To whoever finds this,

You have just received a postcard that is part of our random acts of kindness challenge, called Positively Postcards! It is now your turn to attach a gift and send this postcard off into the world again in whatever way you choose (hiding, mailing, etc.). You are also encouraged to make a new postcard of your own.

I hope you enjoyed finding this card and welcome to the project.

Share your story of finding the postcard at danielledoes.wordpress.com.

Sound good? Well start sending! It’s super easy and it can be a really cool and effective project. If you don’t want to buy a postcard or spend money on stamps, just make a postcard at home and then hide it anywhere you want. Don’t just read this post, think it’s nice, and then forget about it. Spread some smiles and send a postcard!


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