spread your smile: challenge 1

After trying to engage some of you with my own acts of kindness and inspirational videos, I’m now reaching out to you to join the movement!

Spread your smile: a challenge to motivate others with your  own experiences. Why? Because nothing inspires people like a good story! Each challenge will be different – maybe I’ll urge you to go out and hold the door for people or write your own snail mail to people that you really care about.

  • Today we’ll start small. I want to know: what’s made you smile in the past couple of days? Was it a text from your significant other? I know you’ve all received that text that you just couldn’t help but smile at. You stare at the screen and instantly feel the corners of your lips rise. Maybe it wasn’t a text though. How about a voicemail from your mom? A great song on the radio or the fact that someone complimented your outfit?

Respond here with anything and everything. We want to hear about it!

Write & spread your smile.



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4 responses to “spread your smile: challenge 1

  1. Dave Liebers

    I know that sometimes my girlfriend gets overwhelmed with work and she doesn’t like it. So I decided to send her a little pick me up to let her know I was thinking about her. Knowing that she is in love with chocolate I sent her a milk chocolate Godiva bar to let her know that no matter what, it was going to be alright. I know it was only a small bar, but I really wanted her to understand that she was on my mind. When she got the bar she immediately called me and I could here it in her voice how truly happy she was, and maybe even relieved. Knowing that I could make my girlfriend happy miles away with just a little chocolate bar genuinely put a smile on my face…

    I’d say that sending just a little meaningful something to someone special is sure to put a smile on their face! Its the little things that make the biggest difference

  2. parislg

    The other day I was struggling to get across campus in the rain to make my bus while carrying a backpack full of books, a giant video camera and a tripod. I knew I would have to walk through a building that had multiple doors which would require me to put down all of my things, open the door, pick up my stuff and then have to do it 3 more times! I was dreading it. Then a boy who I didn’t know and saw me struggling with all of my things ran in front of me in order to hold open every single door for me! The fact that a stranger went out of his way to help me made my day! I thanked him and continued on but I felt better the rest of the day knowing that sometimes even a stranger will look out for you when you’re in need.

  3. Alison Foster

    Every year for as long as I can remember my grandma has given me a chocolate advent calendar to hang in my room and count down the days until Christmas. Even though I am 20 years old, she still gives them to me and I still love them! Not only are the chocolates delicious, but I think of my grandma and how much she means to me every time I open a new door. The little piece of chocolate is a representation of how much she loves me and cares about me, and that’s the best Christmas gift of all 🙂

  4. Yesterday, all of my housemates and I got together and celebrated the holidays with donuts, champagne, and a gift exchange. The room was dark except for the miniature Christmas tree which gave the room a pleasant glow, and as we listened to christmas songs on Pandora, I thought about just how lucky I am to have such wonderful roommates who make me smile every day.

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