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Have any of you had the opportunity to check out TEDx? They have some of the most fascinating thinkers, artists, doctors, and entertainers giving talks on “ideas worth spreading”.

In the spirit of helping others, I watched Jay Parkinson‘s TEDxMidAtlantic talk in DC. He inspired me with his unique and creative approach to solving problems in healthcare, a practice known as Hello Health. This concept combines social networking and electronic medical records so that patients can interact with doctors online to discuss their health concerns. I was amazed by this wildly unique alternative to the current model of healthcare, which involves high insurance costs and long wait-times. With Hello Health, people can literally log onto Jay’s site, check his Google calendar for an open appointment, input their symptoms, and then receive a house call from Jay. They pay a modest price via paypal and then follow up by email, IM, video chat, or even in person. How incredible?!

I thought I’d share this inspiring story with you. Jay’s passion for the future of health and happiness is brilliant and makes me too want to change the world. How about you?


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