smile @ strangers

Today, like every other day, my mom called me to talk and ask me how I was doing. Normally I talk about school or clubs or recruiting, but today I talked about smiling at strangers.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I set out to check off three things on my should-do list. One item that I chose was smiling at strangers.

It sounds simple and it really was. It was an interesting experiment though. I’d say about 30% of people smiled back at my smile, making me feel a teensy bit happier, like I had made a friend for split second. It was nice to share a few moments of  human contact with people I didn’t know and might not see again. A smile can go a long way. I mean, here I am writing about it right now.

Then there were the no-response people. The expressionless were definitely the most prevalent group of the bunch. I probably received a blank stare more than half of the time I smiled at people I didn’t know.

Finally, there was my favorite, this girl who was completely taken aback by my smile. I smiled at her and she looked behind her, trying to see exactly who I was smiling at. There happened to be no one behind her, so she looked confused. I kind of laughed, of course still smiling (does a laugh count as a smile?). Then she shrugged her shoulders in an innocent “oops” kind of way and smiled back at me. It was really great.

And that was my experiment in smiling. Easy right?

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” MT


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