airport acts

This blog post comes from the air. I went home to New Jersey this weekend to visit my boyfriend and now I’m on my way back to U of M.

Everyone knows that airports and plane rides are no fun, so I set out to make some people’s trips just a little better.

I let a hurried man cut me in the security line. I moved my seat at the gate so a husband could sit next to his wife. And I swapped seats with a woman on the plane so she could be more comfortable with her child on board.

The first man and the third woman were so appreciative. They made me feel like I had really done something nice. The flight attendant even offered me a snack only available to first-class as a sort of thank you for helping the overwhelmed mother.

The couple didn’t seem all that thankful, but it still made me feel good and I consider that a win.


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  1. parislg

    This is great. An airport is such a stressful environment and anyone doing a nice thing for me in an airport would be one of the most wonderful things in the world. I love how you’re starting to get some recognition for your good deeds and as you continue with this experiment I’m sure you’ll get more and more! I also think it’s great that you are enjoying being good even when you don’t get thanks. Keep up the kindness!

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