pen & paper

You know that feeling you get when you receive a letter in the mail? You feel all special and kind of warm inside. Someone took the time to hand write you a letter, address the envelope, and send it in the mail. You can’t help but feel good.

In a world of emails and text messages, tweets and Facebook chats, I am passionate about bringing back the lost art of letter writing. I’ve decided to send a card to each of my grandmothers, just for the sake of saying hello. I am really interested to see how they will respond. Maybe a letter in return? A phone call? A huge smile across their face?

Let’s mail them and see!



November 8, 2011 · 12:07 am

3 responses to “pen & paper

  1. Dave Liebers

    Love the start of whats going to be an amazing and inspiring blog! Can’t wait to follow it!

  2. Joanna

    I decided to do this recently too, and my Aunt was so appreciative she took me out to lunch. I’m curious, did you hear back from them?

    • I did hear back from one grandma and she was really appreciative! She called to tell me she’s been feeling down lately, so the letter really helped to lift her spirits. Fortunately I will get to see her over Thanksgiving, so that will be nice!

      I have yet to hear back from my other grandma though. If/when I do, I will be sure to post. This is definitely something I’d like to do more of in the future.

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